Wood Stove Changeout Programs in Oregon

Through a variety of funding sources, cities in Oregon have offered incentive programs to changeout uncertified stoves. These programs have been held since the early 1990's when the city of Klamath Falls became one of the first cities to offer woodstove changeout incentives. Some in the business may remember the "Great Stove Changeout" campaign. The concept is that by incentivizing new wood and pellet stoves (and often gas and electric options) homeowners would take uncertified stoves out of their homes in favor of new cleaner burning technology. Uncertified stoves made in the 1970's and 1980's produce many times over the amount of particulate (PM 2.5)  than new, EPA certified stoves. 


The City of Oakridge is embarking on a five million dollar changeout program.  The pilot program is 2021, then it follows a three year, three phase project. Good Company is the program manager for the Oakridge Air project, funded through an EPA Targeted Airshed Grant. Rick Zylstra is the residential upgrades coordinator  and will be coordinating with contractors, installers, and residents to replace uncertified or problem woodstoves over the next several years.

Contact:  Rick Zylstra, Oakridge Air, Residential Upgrade Coordinator, WestOak GIS and Planning, LLC, 541-972-1829, rick@westoakgisplanning.com.

Homeowners: https://oakridgeair.org/

Contractors: click here: https://oakridgeair.org/contractor-work

Klamath Falls & Lakeview

(Dec 9, 2020) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $1,839,947 million Targeted Airshed Grant to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Klamath County Public Health and local partners to support ongoing efforts to improve air quality and protect community health in Klamath Falls. Grant funds will be used to reduce harmful air pollution from wood smoke through a range of programs, including woodstove change-out and home weatherization that will improve heating efficiency and reduce heating costs for residents.

Managed by South Central Oregon Economic District (SCOED).  (541) 884-5593; or Pamela Ruddick, pam@scoedd.org.  For air quality burn limit info call: 541-882-2876. 

INFO: https://klamathwoodstoveconversion.com/howconvert.html

Contact: Suzanne Skadowski, EPA, 206-553-2160, skadowski.suzanne@epa.gov / Laura Gleim, DEQ, 503-577-3697, laura.gleim@deq.state.or.us


The Department of Environmental Quality recently gave Prineville a grant of $25,000 for change outs.

Washington County

Washington County’s Wood Stove Exchange Program has been in progress for several years. During that time, over 500 inefficient, dirty burning uncertified stoves have been removed and replaced with other options. It offers rebates of $1,500-$3,500 when they replace their old wood stove with a cleaner heating device, such as an electric ductless heat pump, natural gas stove, pellet stove or gas furnace. Some households may qualify for a full-cost (free) replacement, depending on their income. The effort is made possible through collaboration and funding support from program partners, including the American Lung Association in Oregon, Centro Cultural, City of Cornelius, City of Hillsboro, City of Forest Grove, Community Action, Intel, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and Oregon Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. Visit www.WoodStoveExchange.com or call 503-846-4425 for more information.

Old Stove Turn In May , 2021

The Washington County Wood Stove Exchange (WSE) is having an Old Stove Turn In Event on May 1st. People are still swapping these old polluting stoves with friends and family or selling them through social media and elsewhere. In an effort to get more old uncertified stoves off the market, we are having a “contactless” turn in event, offering $250 per eligible stove turned in.

Basically, residents of Washington County can bring in one old stove per household (Washington County addresses only) and get $250! The stove or insert must be uncertified or certified between 1986 and 1992, and be intact.  Participants already applied to the Wood Stove Exchange (WSE) are not eligible for this rebate. And those that inquire about this event and are considering exchanging their stove will be redirected to the WSE application and not this event.

In the next seven weeks, if you get inquiries from folks in Washington County inquiring about removing or recycling/disposing of their old stove, please direct them to this event.

Please check out more info and familiarize yourselves with the details of the event and eligibility from the News and Event page on the WSE website.

Participants must register through the link on this page. Link to the page -



The city has had a low interest loan program over the years., but there has been  somewhat of a decline in use of the loan program. Contact the Pendleton Air Quality Commission.

SW Washington Clean Air Agency

SW Washington residents who own a home within the Vancouver Urban Growth Area (VUGA)* that burns at least one (1) cord of wood each year in an old wood stove that does NOT appear on the DOE List of Approved Wood Stoves, you may apply to REPLACE a wood stove with something cleaner (e.g., pellet stove, gas stove, ductless, etc.), REMOVE a wood stove to be recycled and receive $350.  Residents with low income and who live within the Vancouver Urban Growth Area (VUGA)*, and who cord wood for heat and do not currently have a wood shed or similar structure/device, may be eligible for a FREE outdoor wood drying rack. The program may have expired in 2019 unless funds were remaining. Click HERE FOR INFO

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