Looking for a Hearth Appliance? What's Right for You?

There are many factors in choosing a "hearth" appliance. Oddly, many younger people don't know what a "hearth" is.

And FYI, it's pronounced "harth" not "hurth."

A hearth has always been an important part of a home. Until modern times, this is the place people spent most of there time indoors. Hearths and their fireplaces were used for cooking and heating the home entertaining guests, reading, etc. Now days "hearth" in our industry is term that encompass fireplace products like woodstoves and inserts and fireplace tools and accessories. But there are so many kinds of "appliances" now that its too simple to just call them fireplaces or wood stoves.

What you get depends on many factors:

What fuel source do you want to use? Wood, gas, pellet, propane, or other biomass fuels.

Are you replacing an existing woodstove?

Do you have an existing fireplace and chimney or do you want something that can go "anywhere" like a free standing stove?

Are you purchasing it for mostly heating purposes or for ambiance?

What ever you do, we advise consumers to see these appliances "in action" at a local OHPBA member retail store. Seeing them run will answer a lot of questions!

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